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  1. The rear door straps in my 2002 HR-V have been broken for a while now (before I had the car in fact) and I've been trying to find replacements online. The only ones I could find were in Lithuania, and postage was about 5 times what the actual part cost. 😞 Can I replace them with one from a similar aged Honda, say a CR-V or Jazz?
  2. Just one minor advisory which was a small oil leak near the front of the engine. Not bad for a 20 year old car with 146k miles! 🙂
  3. I put the details of my car (which has the spoiler) into Parkers, and it came up as 170 cm, giving you 2 cm clearance if true.
  4. I did. It turns out that there was no leak - the previous garage spilt some oil during it's last service. Haven't done the corrosion yet, but got the rest fixed for £140, so all is well. 🙂
  5. Hi again. I've just had an mot health check done on my 2002 HR-V and the found the following issues: - Both Rear Tyres - Oil Sump Leaking (Gasket?) - Both rear Anti-roll Bar Links - Corroded Underside. I'm not too bothered about the majority of it, but the sump is concerning. Will it be expensive to fix?
  6. I recently had to replace the cat on my car following a theft, and I opted to got for a sports cat since it was cheaper than an OEM part (Honda wanted 2k!) And while the car runs absolutely fine with no apparent problems, the EML light keeps coming on. I'm assuming it has something to do with the non OEM cat, but any ideas you may have would be appreciated. Car is a 2002 Honda HR-V 1.6 (103 4x4) if that helps. Thanks David.
  7. My name's David, and I took delivery of my first Honda last November, a 2002 HRV 1.6 103HP in Supersonic Blue. Has 146k on the clock but drives sweet as a nut. 🙂
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