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  1. As Per the title really, car was working fine until Saturday morning..occasionally over the last year or so on a handful of occasions had the passenger door failed to open. But a double press on the fob and we were all ok again. Friday it was fine, on Saturday morning however things did not go to plan. Went to open the car, and nothing on the passenger door unlocked and relocked the car with the fob multiple times, but still no good. I've managed to remove the interior door card, and get to the actuator but of course the whole thing is one effing sealed unit isn't it, and without being able to open the door I can't remove the bolts inside the door to remove the actuator. So, whats the answer? Take a chisel to the sodding thing? I can't believe that there isn't an answer to manually open it from outside the actuator casing? Does anyone have any ideas what I can do? Alex
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