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  1. Hey Folks, Can anyone advise me on how to fix my 06 1.7ltrs petrol FRV radiotor in place. Was poking around the engine bay the other day and noticed the radiator is sitting loose, looks like some on doing repairs in the past never fixed all the screws back in place. Would anyone have pics or info on where/what screws/bolts should be holding the radiator in place?
  2. And is that with a really low profile tyre? (205/40) or somthing similar?
  3. So to expand on this a little more, I'm thinking of keeping my 15" steelies but putting All-Terrain tyres on, looks like the smallest ATs I can get is 205/65 R15 which is one size up from the recommended size of 195/65R15 or 205/55R15 etc. Has anyone tried fitting AT's and if so has anyone encountered any rubbing issues?
  4. Hi Folks, Probably should have started this tread before buying mine, but still think it's a good topic for discussion, so what in your knowledgeable opinions would be the best FRV engine type out all the options to buy?
  5. Hi Folks, The forum gods suggested I do an into post so here goes. Bought my first Honda after years of my brother saying they are great cars. Bought an 06 FRV with 130k miles, great little 6 seater car, my Mechanic even approved (which is saying somthing) going to try fix it up as a weekend/mini camper. So any tips on fitting all terrain tyres, roof rails, new seats, storage for tents etc. very much welcome and appreciated!
  6. Clutch is going on my FRV, 130k miles, looks like clutch kits are going for around €250-300, my mechanic says he can have it all done for me for less €400. Am I right in thinking you would normally look at replacing the clutch at around 150k miles or so?
  7. Great reply, thanks a million, got the all clear from my mechanic, my 2006 FRV of €600 is in good shape (mechanically) so I'm off to get some nice wheels and other bits to tidy it up 😁🤠😁
  8. Not to Hijack a tread but while on the subject of wheels has anyone attempted to put on larger diameter wheels on an FRV or have any suggestions as to how large one could go before having rubbing issues? (personally, to me the stock wheels just look too small and the car would look a lot nicer with a slightly larger wheel) Edit* just re-Read the first reply and realised you mention you 17inc alloys on so yeah they would be bigger then my stock 15's 😂🤣
  9. Wow yeah looks like it's bolted in place, I have gone ahead and bought the the 2006 FRV, great car but needs some work, after I get the all clear from the Mechanic I'm gona take a little peak under the rood trim to see if there is mounting points and if so, I'm off to the scrappy to get a set of roof rails 👍
  10. I have this exact same problem, I just need to replace the one switch, does anyone have any info?
  11. Hi Folks, great forum on here, and I'm hoping you guys can help me out, my question is, can I fit (the Honda factory fit) roof rails to an FRV that's doesn't have them? i.e. I'm looking at buying an FRV currently choosing between two models; a 2006 (low milage) or a 2009 (high milage). Im leaning towards the low milage 2006 model but I will need roof rails and the 2006 doesn't have them, so are roof rails somthing I can fit after the fact? Thanks in advance!
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