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  1. Right so lads another random question/topic on the Honda FRV. Has anyone ever installed bull bars (push bars) to the front bumper of their FRV? Also will a bull bar from say an '06 CRV fit the FRV? I'm told both are based on the same frame so thinking they might fit?..
  2. Yeah I just think Honda Capitilise on the CAR/SUV crossover hype as the FRV really is the best of both worlds and then some with the extra seat. I did do some digging and looks like you can get nearly new (Sub 50k kiloms) in from Japan, but your talking €4-5k for the car and another €4-5k for delivery/registration etc.
  3. Hey Pete, pretty sure there is already a thread in here with the part no. for it. Do a quick search but let me know if you can't find it and I will see if I can dig one, also there is few decent YouTube videos about this exact thing if have a look on there 👍
  4. I'd imagine it's the fuse or fuse relay..
  5. Hi Lads, Im probably going to get lots of biased opinions posting here but I wanted to guage if there is an appetite for bringing the FRV back? I love my FRV but is kinda old and falling apart and I would absolutely love to see one in a new or near-new condition (unfortunately there is none in Ireland). Also with the popularity of cross overs "SUV's" I think with a little style change and slightly higher suspension the FRV would make the absolute megga cross over?!? So, any opinions?? Is there any other FRV fans out there and if so, how many? 🤓🤓
  6. Yeah the two brackets at that top you refer to, I think one of them is missing the radiator rattles a bit in the engine bay - thanks for the reply really helpfull
  7. Thanks VanDer, yeah will give the disks another go this weekend. Also while changing my break pads, I discovered one of my slide pins was stuck, (was planning to anyway) but took both out, cleaned and greased them and went back in like new and the difference in the drive, a lot less noise and vibration, I knew it would make a difference but still surprised at how dramatic a difference it made.
  8. Hope you guys don't mind me hijacking this tread, but after all my talk earlier, I ended up changing my rear break pads and disks on my FRV today, well trying but couldn't get the discs off as they seemed to be held in by 2 screws, now I couldn't get these screws to budge (snapped 2 Phillips head screw drivers in the process) has anyone else had this? Or has anyone changed their rear break disks? And are these screws important? Don't want to reemer them if they are vital ect.?
  9. For good measure here is the link to that YouTube channel:
  10. If the pull is inconsistent then it could be somthing that is actioned that is causing it i.e breaks sticking then lossening, you may have already checked this but could it be your break fluid pressure, could there be a small leak in one of the lines causing them to lose pressure and or stick. Also when redoing your break calipers did you clean a re-grease you caliper slide pins as they can cause uneven break-wear, rubbing on sticking if bad enough? Again sounds like you know all this but hope this helps
  11. Hey Folks, Can anyone advise me on how to fix my 06 1.7ltrs petrol FRV radiotor in place. Was poking around the engine bay the other day and noticed the radiator is sitting loose, looks like some on doing repairs in the past never fixed all the screws back in place. Would anyone have pics or info on where/what screws/bolts should be holding the radiator in place?
  12. And is that with a really low profile tyre? (205/40) or somthing similar?
  13. So to expand on this a little more, I'm thinking of keeping my 15" steelies but putting All-Terrain tyres on, looks like the smallest ATs I can get is 205/65 R15 which is one size up from the recommended size of 195/65R15 or 205/55R15 etc. Has anyone tried fitting AT's and if so has anyone encountered any rubbing issues?
  14. Hi Folks, Probably should have started this tread before buying mine, but still think it's a good topic for discussion, so what in your knowledgeable opinions would be the best FRV engine type out all the options to buy?
  15. Hi Folks, The forum gods suggested I do an into post so here goes. Bought my first Honda after years of my brother saying they are great cars. Bought an 06 FRV with 130k miles, great little 6 seater car, my Mechanic even approved (which is saying somthing) going to try fix it up as a weekend/mini camper. So any tips on fitting all terrain tyres, roof rails, new seats, storage for tents etc. very much welcome and appreciated!
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