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  1. Hi interesting topic, I’m guessing a leaking hose, how did you fix the issue in the end, it’s always good if we get follow ups as it’s a great help to us other Honda addicts and assists us with our own issues.
  2. Hi all, just joined up in the hope of learning a bit more about my Honda jazz 2016 ex I am a 50s and consider myself a competent diy mechanic but I have been sorely tested of late….. my beloved grey jazz threw a paddy on a busy A road and hot engine light came on lost a greater part of coolant through radiator boiling, anyway net result it got recovered on back of aa truck to my home in the dark. next day noticed a small hose had leaked most of coolant from pipe below throttle body, replaced it, filled and burped but thought I had air bubbles but I now believe head gasket gone as pressurises pipes bubbles in rad tank and expands coolant at rate of 1litre every 10 miles. In morning when cold gas remains in radiator take off cap and whooshes out. rang Honda they say very expensive head gasket replacement. anyone know any Honda techs that can help fix it at my home for a cheap rate desperate as it’s been 2 weeks now I want someone who really knows their stuff as according to Honda these head gaskets never go and they rarely change them. I would be grateful for any advice. I would have a go myself but the thought of getting timing wrong on twin cam vvti engine sends chills down my spine! the car is 2016 1.3 17k miles yes 17k! Engine is l13b many thanks for your help guys and gals…
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