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  1. I certainly will. I've only ever bought a car once on the strength of a car review (I'm talking about you 'Car' magazine) and that was way back when in 2002....and vowed never again. The car was returned to BMW after 6 months and chopped in for a straight-six...which was what I should have bought in the first place.... Anyways, one man's 'mooing' might be very different from another. Fingers crossed the HRV can deal with the cut & thrust of faster roads and won't get bullied by quicker traffic....which is what happens when we borrow the Mother-in-law's '07 Merc B170 (complete with its own CVT....).
  2. I've got a deposit for the MY 2021/22 HRV and wishing to avoid that bi-colour roof I've opted for the 'Advance'. I'd prefer the 'AS' light grey interior but noted that you can get an alternative brown or black 'Leather X Alston' interior for the (very ...ahem) reasonable cost of £ 1700.00. This option is secreted amongst 'accessories' on the configurator. Does anyone have any idea what this like, what it is, had any experience of it directly or anecdotally....? I'm drawing a complete blank on 't'internet so far. I know you'll say: "just get the Advance Style".... but I can't abide how they've simply painted a line across the 'C' pillar and call it a bi-colour roof. See Mini or Evoque/Velar to see how it's done properly, Messrs Honda. Plus, I really don't want nor like Honda's idea of roof rails on this HRV. I just like the purity of its looks in a mono-colour. (PS. What happened to the pan roof, BTW ?🤨)
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