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  1. Ah! Thank you for that! Honda told me it was introduced in 1996!
  2. Hey, I've recently acquired a 1997 Honda Accord Coupe CD7 2.2i ES Auto. What can people tell me about this car / its specific engine & trim? Am I correct in believing its one of the last in the country? Looking forward to learning about it and meeting other CD7 owners! Sam
  3. Hello, As many of you may know, E10 fuel is only compatible with Hondas having the PGM-FI system equipped. This system was introduced in 1996, however my CD7 is 1997 and could have been manufactured in the months of 1996 before PGM-FI began. I've contacted Honda online, they couldn't tell me so recommended asking in local Honda dealership/garage, who also couldn't answer my question. So how can I find out for myself? I'm spending £60 a week on Supreme E5 until I know for sure, its mad. Any help appretiated! Thanks Sam
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