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  1. Hi. A few weeks back my car developed a fault with an immobiliser. I drove the car regularly and the battery never went flat. Overnight my car developed the following fault. In the morning my fob could not open the car I used the key on the driver's side and it opened the driver's side door only. Curtsy light remained off even when I opened the door. When I turn the key in the ignition to position all control lamps were on and off as usual apart from green key flashing. If I try to start the car I can hear the starter motor cranking the engine but the engine would not start. I called in the locksmith and sadly he informed me that the immobiliser failed to communicate and he could not program my keys. What would be the best course of action swapping the ECU and ignition key or bypassing the immobiliser? Personally, I have some experience with electronics and soldering therefore bypass chip would be easier. Can anyone recommend where I could source an immobiliser emulating chip?
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