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  1. Yeah I’ve realised that they not very accurate +/- quite a bit you can’t really rely on them like it’s the gospel. They rely on driving style, roads, temperature, weight in vehicle & many other factor’s. See it as a rough guide even more when the car is older as they get even worse. I’d go as far as suggesting that you should go with the fuel gauge as that is much more accurate
  2. Hi everyone. I’ve got an FRV 2.2 CTDI. The clutch pedal got stiff so I replaced the clutch, pressure & release bearing. The flywheel is not a dual mass I assume it’s been modified as the clutch kit was an LUK. Anyway the clutch pedal after bleeding over & over has a low biting point & hard to get into gear, so I replaced the slave cylinder which made no difference. I’m thinking the clutch master is defective as I can press the slave cylinder rod back in by hand. If I pump the pedal every time to change gears and in between a change they engage fine. Parts for these car’s are so dear and I can’t keep throwing money at it. Please advise if anyone has had this Issue. My last resort is putting a clutch master cylinder on it.
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