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  1. An update, we figured out when it unlocks and locks again you have a split second to try to open the door. Now the festive period is over the issue has magically resolved itself so will need to see if it reappears before booking in to a garage.
  2. Thanks for your reply, it does the exact same with the key in the door too and with the spare key. I did search elsewhere and it seems CRV's had issues with the door actuator so wondering if it's the same with FRV's. Having to leave it unlocked at the moment 😬
  3. Hi everyone, I have an issue with my FRV where the central locking won't open unless I press the key fob several times. I hear the noise and interior lights turn on but quickly go off and all the doors and boot remain locked. After several presses it eventually opens, when it does the noise (possibly an actuator) is slightly different. Any thoughts?
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