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  1. Think he said around £90 to £100 baring snags.
  2. HI Pee Gee, its a 2007 model with 92000 miles, runs great. Will be getting the EGR cleaned, thanks.
  3. Just came back from local garage, Realised I know the mechanic well, he reckons I will have to take off the EGR valve to gain access, but said be careful as the bolts holding the EGR are prone to shear. He also said there is no space to access it from underneath. Hearing that, I have decided to let him do it. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi, I believe its located on the lower hose between to the alternator and where the dip stick pipe goes into sump, thats why I was wondering if I could get to it from underneath. Thanks.
  5. Hi Pee Gee, thanks for the input. Example, I can drive to my daughters, 3 miles away, take her to the shops 2 miles away, sit in car waiting for her with engine idling for maybe 10 minutes before the needle on temp gauge starts to move. Even when the engine is warm, the needle only shows around third of the way up on the gauge.
  6. Hello, just joined forum, and recently bought FRV 2.2 diesel. I have noticed the engine takes an age to warm up, more so as the weather is getting colder. I believe the thermostat is either stuck open or is missing completely. I have bought a new thermostat, but looking in the engine bay I cannot see the housing. I think it is under the EGR valve somewhere. Could I access the thermostat from underneath if I removed the plastic engine shield? Any info greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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