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  1. Good day folks I am battling to reset my 2001 Legend that has these fault lights illuminated on the dash.When shorting pin 9 and 4 on the OBD connector under the ashtray i get 9 long and 4 short flashes from the ABS light. The VSC light is also illuminated. Disconnecting and shorting the battery terminals for an hour does not reset the fault log either .Both front wheel speed sensors are 0.85k ohm, and i get 0.14v ac when i rotate the wheels and measure the outputs. All associated fuses and connectors/pipes seem fine. I have yet to test the rears. so... Im trying to locate the 2 pin connector in the passenger footwell that is bridged to enable manual resetting of faulty system.I have been given a routine to try involving this terminal and pressing the VSC on/off and setting the steering angle which may help me diagnose or reset this situ i am in. Ive been under drivers and passenger footwells and cannot locate the connector, so any help would be appreciated to help me pin point it. Thanks in advance...
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