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  1. Hi all, New Honda ownere here, recently picked up a bargain Civic 2.2 ctdi. I've notice the temp guage never quite hits the middle even on extended drives (see pic) The heater does also seem a little weak in cold weather. Is this right or is the the thermostat shot? Is there any way I can see what temp the engine is actually running at without a diagnostic machine? Cheers, Niall
  2. Hi all, First time Honda owner here, recently bought an FK3 Civic 2.2ctdi. Just saying hi, as you do! 🙂 Although I am new to Honda myself, I am quite familiar with the brand (Family members have owned various CRV/Shuttle/Odysey models for the past 25 years, and I did once own the Rover/Honda 620si). I have previously owned various BMWs (still have an E39) so the civic is my new practical run about and the E39 is going to be my summer car. Just one quick question about the Civic - I have noticed that the temp guage doesn't appear to reach the middle of the guage - it sits slightly below, even after 1hr+ of driving (see pic) Is this normal or does it mean the thermostat is shot? Cheers in advance, have a great weekend all
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