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  1. Hi all, I just need your opinion. I just had my car serviced by the Honda main dealers and was advised that I need to get the Power Steering High Pressure Pipe replaced as it leaking. I was shocked when I was told the pipe was £349.99 (Part Number 53713-SEA-E02 ) but more shocked when told the pipe is going to cost £450 to fit. Now my issue is this, I called 6 Honda Main dealer and one independent to get the cost collaborated And out of the 6 Main Dealers and 1 independent they all quote the same price for the part, but only one quoted the same labour price £450, all the others quoted approx £60. I emailed the dealer that currently has the car and already ordered the part and asked why the discrepancy. They basically said they don't know how the other dealers can do it for that low of price and if i wish I take take the car back but I have to pay for the order part. My question is how many hours does it take to fit this part, as it will cause me much inconvenience to take the car to another garage as the cars MOT has run out and the nearest alternative dealer is quite a distance away. And its a possibility I could be told they quoted me the wrong price. I have used the dealer where the car is for many years and never had any issues. Also is my ***umption correct in thinking that Honda issue guidance as to how long a job should take. And if this is the case why the great difference in price. I have a good relationship with my current dealer and wound not any bad feelings if they are correct. Any advice would be welcomed. Regards Des
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