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  1. Thanks Trevor, only just seen your advice, I'll keep an eye on it.
  2. Yes I thought of that but fortunately I didn't do it as it would have been "red face" time as in the end it was "driver error" or senile brain syndrome. The guy at the garage ( who I've known for years) was very calm and helpful as he pointed out my error. I was looking at the wrong pulley!
  3. My 2009 2L petrol CRV has just had a new serpentine belt fitted by the local independent garage I have used and trusted with all my cars, BUT I think its been fitted incorrectly in that the flat side of the belt is riding on the ribs of the AirCon pulley. I am going to take it back and get it checked. My question is where can I find a diagram of how it should be routed? I've looked everywhere on the internet and can only find US spec ones and diesel ones with the power steering pump of course I don't have!
  4. Hi I'm David a retired electronics tech. I've been hovering here for a couple of years now, I own a 2009 reg (2008 build) CR-V3 2L petrol I-VETEC Auto which I have been very happy with.
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