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  1. We have had a new HR-V for about 2 months. The other day we went away for a week and when we got back the 12V battery was dead. Prior to going away we had done a 150 mile trip, so not like we hadn’t been using it. Got the AA round to jump it and they confirmed no interior lights had been left on to cause it. So took it to our Honda dealer, before they even looked at it they said it was normal for the 12V battery to only last 7 days with no usage… they said nothing is wrong and it is intended behaviour (they did one of the automated tests which showed all the electrical systems were OK and battery health was good.) is this really true? I don’t know how anyone who owns a HR-V would be able to go on holiday if after a week the 12V battery would die. Not sure what I should do next. Don’t really want a car which is going to die alter 7 days as it will be a pain every time we go away, and one of our reason for getting a new car is to make sure it is reliable and there when we need it. Should I try and contact Honda UK about it or will they always send me back to the dealer?
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