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  1. Thankyou very much, the Main dealer finally ordered one and replaced it last week, but they were unable to clear an engine warning light. Finally I got a contact from a nearby small independent mechanic who specialises in Japanese and German cars and they clear the fault in less than an hour, really good service (Planet Restoration at Dundonald in Ayrshire)
  2. Good morning I have a 2004 Honda stream, imported into the UK in 2017 to Goodmayes Motors Essex. I moved to Scotland in 2018 and have been using the Honda main dealer in Ayr. I have been waiting for a fan belt since July as they are trying to source the part online, similar issues with other parts. Where can I get one quickly and does it need to be a specific type for my Honda stream?
  3. Yes, my wife bought one in 2016 from Japanese exporters Goodmayes in Essex, we moved to Ayr, Scotland in 2018 and we use a local Honda dealer, unfortunately they dont seem to have spare parts and have to search the internet, we had the car in the dealers for 3 months on one occasion. Currently we are waiting for them to get another fan belt, been waiting two months! The engine warning light came on a few months back and they replaced the sensors but last week it came back on again?
  4. Hello, My wife and son bought a Honda Stream 2004 from Goodmayes Japanese exports in Essex, England around 2016, it only has 39,000 miles on the clock currently and we moved to Scotland in 2018. My local Honda dealer never seems to have spare parts for it. We have been waiting 3 months for a fan belt! Also the last few months the engine warning light has come on, again Honda not much idea what is wrong with it, they replaced the sensors and the warning light extinguished OK, but after a month the warning light has come back on, been like it for a week now. I live in Ayr, Scotland
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