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Honda Model

Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I'm new to this community but have a very strange issue and really hope someone can shed some light as it's driving me mad. When the rear seat belts are fully extended and the mechanism starts winding them up, it doesn't release until the seat belt is completely retracted if that makes sense. My wife is pregnant atm and needs a bit more seat belt when sitting in the back but when she pulls it a bit more It reaches a point where the mechanism starts making this clicking sound while retracting and it can only go in one direction, it no longer releases until it's completely ret
  2. Hi, I recently bought a 1990 Civic EF sedan 1.4 dual carb. Im 19 years old so this is the first car I've ever bought myself, I love the EF sedans and am so please with my new car. Great place to start to get to know about working on cars and such. I am really struggling to get insurance though. I got one day insurance to get it back home when i bought it, but now i'm properly looking into getting insurance for it, it's proving very difficult. It's either a quote so high I cant afford it or it just gets declined :( not sure why as I am not going to be driving this daily as
  3. Can anyone help. My 2007 2.2 diesel type s decided to play up when I needed to get to work. I started to clear the frost my windscreen came back to it 15 minutes later and noticed alll the dash lights are on and the dash flickering and getting brighter as I rev it. The steering wheel was locked in place and the power steering warning light on. It had been fine the day before and the battery is less than 18 months old. I have gone back to the car just a second ago all the dash is on and still flickering radio works but now it won't start. My mechanic is in bed with man flu is there anything I c
  4. "Can anybody find me..." a driver's-side front seat belt for a 1989 Civic, PLEASE? Surely I don't have to scrap an otherwise perfectly good Honda for the lack of a seat belt. Thank you if you can help.
  5. Hi guys,how long does it take to change one,or,better still,can they be successfully welded?
  6. hi, I've just bought a 2001 Civic 1.6i VVT auto Executive, 70K 1 owner with history. this is my second Honda, I had a Z600 in the 1970's which was an absolute hoot to drive, crash gearbox/double declutching and all. The Civic is very civilised. I've had various other Japanese cars including a couple of JDM Estimas, and a few Suzukis. Apatr from a couple of supermarket bumps this Civic is immaculate, I'll sort the minor scrapes in the next couple of weekends.
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