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  1. Hi, We own a 2009 Honda Crv EX 2.2 diesel car for a year now. A couple of months back we've noticed the car battery went dead twice on us so we decided to invest in a new one. To our surprise 2 weeks later the new one went dead too! So we swapped the old battery (thankfully didn't get rid of it!) and charged up the new one (also double checking nothing had been left on inside the car). After 3 days when opening the car door, I strangely saw the sat Nav fascia was stuck half open (like it had a power surge) and low and behold, battery dead again. All becoming a bit like groundhog day now, so decided to get it booked in with the mechanics for the following week. Meanwhile, new battery back back in.. On the 5th day the sat Nav fascia went berserk when car was started and driven - lifting up and down or getting stuck... Really weird! Fast forward a few more days and the mechanic can see nothing wrong. He has checked the voltage, the alternator, had the sat Nav out, car running with CD playing to see if it acts out.. Every combination... But it has been fine with no obvious faults...The sat Nav fascia didn't even glitch! So it's left the mechanic quite perplexed in the 2 hours. Funnily enough as I drove back home from the mechanics the fascia started doing it's thing again! Typical! 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Most likely the new battery will drain down in 7days again, so there obviously a parasetic drain somewhere surely!? Anyone who has been in the same predicament or has any expertise of what might be the problem please let me know! P. S. Myself and hubby are not car savvy in the slightest, so please bear with us if we struggle with questions... Things may take a while to Google! 😅😅😅 *Please see video link below... https://youtu.be/3xGENQPsFZ8
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