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New Honda Civic Parts

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Recently I had a bad experience. I bought a 2017 10th Gen Honda Civic. The car is excellent. However afte 6 months I saw some warning light came on dashboard regarding break later it disappeared. After couple of days I saw all the warning  lights came on. The warning lights went off whilst I was driving to dealer garage. They said it could low voltage problem. After couple of days all the warning lights came on  again. I took it to garage on 21 May, 2021 the said the fixed it and also asked fro some parts to be replaced. again within a week I saw my break is ceasing and all the warning light was also on all together. This time they said I have to wait for the parts and now I am waiting for the parts for last 7 weeks.  Dealer said they cant do anything about parts. I contacted Honda, they aid your parts may arrive 1st week of August. I was really upset. I bought the car for £12k plus for driving. On top I am paying insurance on top for 2 months for nothing. Both dealer and Honda says they can't do anything. I don't know whether Honda in UK is having any problem in their supply chain and customers are suffering.  Be ware guys. I will advise others not to buy Honda.


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