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Boot not opening


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I've had my 2007 CR-V nearly a month now, and twice in that time I've gone to open the boot, but it doesn't open. 


The car is unlocked and all doors open, but not the boot. The first time it happened I put things in the back seat instead, then tried the boot again (I think) the next day and it opened. However, yesterday I went to put things in but it wouldn't open no matter how many times I locked/unlocked the car. 


Is this a known issue? It's going to be my wife's main vehicle once her car has sold, so I'm trying to get anything sorted before she uses it. 

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I've opened the boot by crawling through the back seat and using the latch release behind the small cover. 


I've sprayed some WD40 inside the cover onto the latch release, and some silicon grease onto the latch itself. 


With the boot open, I've used a screwdriver to close the latch, and pressed the boot button and it unlocked. Tried this a few times, then the button stopped unlocking the latch. So, an issue with the button itself or the electrics which open the latch? 

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