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  2. Trevor

    At Last, I got won!!

    Glad you've made the leap into the wonderful world of the Honda CR-V and are enjoying it. It is probably the best car I have ever owned but had to go through a lot of others to finally discover it. The Airbag light may be because it is switched off and you would need to press a button or put the key into a switch to reactivate it? Not sure what the microphone is apart from being able to voice control certain things within the car, but didn't know the Satnav is controlled by this.
  3. Last week
  4. 1275rob

    Fitting running boards / side steps

    Thanks Trevor, much appreciated
  5. Sorry to hear about your misfortune....maybe worth ensuring that when you replace the components you invest in a security device to stop anyone from stealing it in the future https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=catalytic+converter+security&_sacat=0
  6. Hi....welcome to the Forum Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Firstly, your car is a 1.3 litre, judging by the cc which if it is lower than 50 (e.g. 1349cc) then it is a 1.3 litre. The Lambda sensors are 4 wire at the front and 2 wire at the rear as the rear does not have to have a heater (e.g. the other two wires are there for that reason). Cheap sensors are okay but get a branded one as cheap as you can. Agree with your sentiment about punishment for the offenders, it's just not on for them to render your car undrivable and make money from it while you have to shell out huge amounts to get back on the road Let us know how it all goes Cheers . Trevor
  7. Trevor

    Major faults on Jazz Sport

    Hi Ian.....welcome to the Forum That's very unlucky as a general rule, Honda's are very reliable and don't normally suffer from too many maladies. It may just be a Friday/Monday car but hopefully once the dealer fixes all the faults it may be sorted for many years to come with no further issues. Let us know how you get on with it all
  8. Trevor

    Stream keeps going

    Excellent !!! Long may your Stream stay running and passing MOTs 🙂
  9. Trevor

    2003 Key will not start car

    If it will not physically fit and turn the ignition lock then it would more than likely require a replacement barrel. If you contact your local dealership they should be able to match one up to your original keys by special order or if not then you would have two keys which is not too much of an inconvenience really. It may be worth spraying some WD40 or similar into the lock and try the key again before committing to ordering parts
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  11. thegovernoruk

    Please Advise And Let Me Sleep:)

    Hi Bendybead, I too have just joined the forum having purchased my first CRV diesel 2011 with 103,000 miles FSH. I have owned Jaguar cars before especially with DPF 2.2 engine renowned for clogging and turbo cleaning on replacing the actuator. Like others, did my home work on Honda and engines and overall cars are excellent. I shopped around and like other comments found these with excess of 200,000 miles and rarely came across one with low miles in that age bracket. I researched all possible review sites and test driving sites and rarely come across negative comments (OK maybe on rear seating being a little stiff) but overall excellent choice. With DPF I was told when Jaguar driving was always use the premium diesel and not the supermarket stuff and wonder if Honda would recommend same? I was advised to check Diff oil change and when purchased, notice cornering loud so booked into Honda fixed priced servicing and at £85.00 got the work done and what a difference so maybe check if this has been done. But for reliability, they have a great track record.
  12. Blue2Basingstoke

    ABS & VSA Warning Lights stay on

    A local garage provided the assistance of their diagnostics machine to reset the VSA (obviously for a small fee)
  13. Trevor

    Is the ISHIFT the same as the sequential box

    I would have said that is the case
  14. Trevor

    Very Quiet here!

    Hi Jacques....welcome to the Forum Yes it is a bit quiet on here but I'm not entirely sure it is because they are so reliable, even though they do top the poles for most reliable car, year after year! So how's our CRV been overall....happy with it? cheers, Trevor
  15. Hi just traded one in for new HRV. Had owned the car since 2014 when I bought it as a pre reg vehicle. The only problem I had with the car was when the air bag light kept coming on, when I reported it to the dealer they replaced the airbag under warranty no problem. I covered just under 60,000 miles in this car it always drove superbly and did everything I asked of it without any issues including a 7 hour 3 driver run up to the northernmost coast of Scotland and then after running all round there for a week the return home. The model I had was the 1.6 SE diesel which returned excellent MPG and was ultra reliable. Hope yours is as good as mine was Matt
  16. sproutdreamer

    Civic Headlights

    Thanks Trevor it is useful to know that I am looking for options spec rather than a particular model, also the CC with distance settings may do. I can start looking and will keep posted on progress!
  17. Hi All, New to the forum here, but am looking for a little help, just wondering who can tell me what's missing from the passenger side (behind the front bumper) My CRV (2015 MkIV I-Dtec 1.6 SE-T) took a bit of a knock to the O/S and the pics below are a result of the damage, can anyone let me know what's missing as parts weren't with the car when I collected from towing company. Looks to be either a A/C Condenser or Turbo Intercooler but there appears to be something missing from in front of it. Image 1: this is the connection, with nothing to connect to. also, need to replace the frame holding the ?intercooler? anyone have any part numbers, that'd be great.. oh, and there seems to be a metal plate missing too, above engine cover, there is one on the driver side, anyone know if there should be one on the passenger side?
  18. Hi , we are new to the forum and have a Honda Civic type S petrol for sale , great history inc cambelt change , its done just over 200k but is exeptinally clean for the year and mileage. Just wondered whether the guys on here who appreciate the quality and engines from Honda would give me some valuation advice.
  19. Thanks Trevor, will have a look at that. Honda belt tensioners eh... I remember those on the old Honda CB twin motorbikes 🙂 Anyone who has a take on whether I should restore it before sale, dell as-is, or indeed keep it ? Also advice on the best place to sell it... Cheers Peter
  20. Mikejon

    Charging Flat Battery!

    Carry on as before with my previous car. Just clip charging leads on without removing standing connections. I got away with that for years but Honda having more complicated electrics (e.g.flashing alarm light) prompted me to check- thanks for that.
  21. Trevor

    New Jazz Owner 2013

    easily done....hope you get it sorted
  22. Mikejon

    New Member

    kOOLRED9- I too have just acquired ownership of a Honda; I'm impressed- quality wise and enough gizmos to keep my head in the handbook. The fact that the handbook is 20cm thick because it covers al the Jazz models. This creates a problem as the models with extra features are barely indistinguishable from my more basic model. the hardest thing to master is the Multi-Information display- a nightmare!
  23. Trevor

    2006 wiring loom

    Hi Jeanette It sounds like it is something mechanical that is causing the fault as opposed to an electrical/electronic fault. Other reasons for the engine management going into limp home mode could be blocked exhaust/catalytic converter, variable turbo vanes gummed up with carbon.....all of which will restrict performance and may not flag a warning lamp or fault code. Generally though, if the engine management amber warning lamp is on then there should be a code to accompany it. Let us know what you find Cheers . Trevor
  24. Trevor

    Civic mk8 exhaust issues

    It wouldn't damage the turbo, it would just lose pressure You wouldn't want it leaking on the intake side as this can damage the seals in the turbo
  25. Steven Notschild

    Hi new to the site

    Hi guys, we're on our 5th Civic now, now enjoying the 10th Generation 1.0 Turbo, got to be one of the best cars I've ever owned. Looking forward to joining the forums, cheers for now.
  26. Jon Storey

    Civic mk 8 exhaust manifold

    Cheers Trevor.
  27. Trevor

    1998 Honda Accord

    Hi Bruce....welcome to the Forums Feel free to post up an advert for the car when you get round to selling it
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