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  1. centre console

    still looking for a centre console with arm rest - there must be some NOS in the honda dealers
  2. various

    bearing replaced on the near side drive shaft hoping that will cure the whinning - but it did not we are now thinking its in the gearbox and thats going to cost????????????
  3. various

    going into the shop tomorrow regards whinning is there any indication regards VTEC can the VIN be decoded to advise???? jim
  4. various

    many thanks
  5. various

    i drive an automatic and have a whinning noise when driving how do you check if my hrv is a inteligent 4 wheeldrive or a perminant 4 wheel drive what is the difference with a VTEC model jim
  6. screen washers

    yes i have heard it is the residue of the screenwash additive when the system runs low i am still looking for a centre console withn armrest, it has been deleted as an exra from honda regards jim
  7. screen washers

    hi trevor many thanks finally got it working jim
  8. screen washers

    the jet is angled and difficult to pass a fuse type wire thro, tried to remove complete fitting but diffuicult in removing wiper arm any ideas jim
  9. screen washers

    on my hrv rear screen the washers have water upto the end of the delivery pipe but i cannot get the water thro the screen fitting and onto the screen any ideas jim
  10. CRV

  11. CRV

    hello selling my CRV Y plate, 80Kodd miles, leather seats, multi changer CD player, 5 almost new tyres, sun roof been in Wales recently, over 300 miles never missed a beat selling due to it is a bit more expensive to run than the HRV so i have bought an HRV would like £695 or very near, let me know what you will offer live near wigan, my phone 01942878229 regards jim
  12. centre console

    hi trevor been on ebay not one is the same type for the 2000 hrv keep looking many thanks jim
  13. centre console

    looking for centre console and rear wiper blade for 2000 hrv

    just seen your reply, did what you said , and it is easy when you know how brilliant, many thanks jim

    i need to carry a large package, i fold the rear seats down but i cannot remove the blind that covers the storage area any ideas???? jim