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  1. Well I have had 3 days now with the Supermarket diesel and all good, but will be using Shell in the future. I agree Trevor there is always a raised heartbeat and fingers crossed when I'm in the outside lane overtaking a line of trucks, but I'm sure the confidence will come back.
  2. Hi Trevor, the Italian tune up was done a couple of weeks back. The car has been fine since the last stop on the Monday of the software update. I have put Supermarket fuel in this week though just to try and pinpoint the issue.
  3. I put Esso in last week and my issue with the cutting out stopped, but put Supermarket in this week to see if it was that causing the issue, will let you know. That was 5p a litre more though in the Esso, the local Shell is only 2p more so will be Shell from now on if they keep it that price.
  4. Good Morning All, just wondering if anyone has had issues using supermarket diesel rather than a brand name such as Esso or Shell. I know the brands claim that their diesel has better cleaning agents and you should get better mpg, but is that the case. Any suggestions
  5. Car was good again last night on the way home so I didn't put it in the garage, and was fine this morning. One thing I did do Monday was top up at an Esso garage rather than the Sainsbury's, bit more expensive but the diesel should be better.
  6. It has been fine Tuesday and fine this morning 😀, hope it stays that way.
  7. Hi Sensescaper, you do not need to take the bumper off, you need to turn the wheels fully to the left or the right depending on what side your changing, remove the inner wheel arch lining and reach in through there. I agree it's not easy and you need fairly long arms but that's the way in. if you have the manual it tells you how to do it in there. I used to do 30K a year in my 2010 Accord Tourer and would have to change the bulbs at least once a year, so worth buying the expensive bulbs rather than the cheap ones. Got 257K out of mine, before chopping it in, a great car. Everything still worked and was still getting 48 mpg on my commute, same clutch same exhaust.
  8. The guys in the garage looked up on the Honda Service page and apparently it needed a software update, so £54 for an hours labour. Great Saturday, but Sunday it did it. Nothing on the way to work Monday, but did it on the way home. Fine this morning. Back in Thursday for another look.
  9. Postponed till Friday will update then. No issue this morning but doesn't seem to do it when the engine management light is on already, which is strange.
  10. Hi Moss, a CRV owner myself can also help with any questions, I have a 2011, 2.2 Diesel Auto lovely to drive.
  11. Hi Trevor it is in tomorrow for fault codes check, so will keep you posted. Will have a lil Smart car for the day.
  12. Hi all, unfortunately the CRV stopped again on Sunday so in the garage this week for diag's and fuel filter change. Update to follow.
  13. Port Solent, very nice, we often frequent the Harvester there or a Brazilian buffet restaurant there called Casa Brasil that is well worth a visit if you are back at anytime. It's above Watermark. Fingers crossed on the CRV, I'll keep you posted, thanks
  14. Buongiorno Trevor. Day one tried did the Italian tune up as suggested on the way home, and good news this morning no issue. Yes Mick's is still there at the Starlight Club as it is called here, due to the steamy windows in the carpark, what could be better bit of fun with the missus followed by a monster burger and a cup of tea. Open 24/7 as it is right next to the hospital and all the Ambulances park in the carpark waiting for shouts. I had one from there a couple of days ago myself with cheesy chips 🙂, as he has a couple of vans at Fratton park on matchdays as well. How do you know Micks were you a frequent visitor. Chow
  15. No I'm happy with that. The Accord Tourer I had, manual 2.2, used to get between 46 and 50, that was an excellent car. Had 257K out of her, same clutch, exhaust and everything electrical worked fine, great piece of engineering. Only got rid of her because my wife no longer wanted to drive so I have the CRV now, just hope she is as good.
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