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  1. my Honda CRV 2007 2.2 ictdi ex according to the manual is supposed to have a previous destination delete function, IE (Choose a destination to delete option) i cant for the life of me seem to locate it anywhere, anyone else come across this issue? any help welcome regards Baz
  2. one thing i have noticed since the clock issue as been fixed at night, in the last few days when i have the radio on at night the the screen is a lot brighter than it was even when it is turned rite down on full brightness it illuminates the whole vehicle interior up. anyone else have this problem?
  3. mine is also working as per normal as of the 17th
  4. on my 2007 crv ictdi 2.2 ex when i press the switch to activate the parking sensors the sound omitted is quite loud but as i approach an obstacle i can hardly hear a sound only very faint and i mean faint i dont normaly use them but caught the switch the other day reversing into my driveway to park in my back garden i have to pull both the Mirrors in to get between my semi detached and the neighbours thats how close it is, the sensors all show up on the display i'm sure when i got this vehicle just over 12 months ago the sound omitted was very loud. can anyone throw any light on this problem?
  5. the reason i asked was because in the Handbook it says valve clearances should be checked every 25,000 miles on petrol models but no mention of Diesels,so if Diesels dont require checking how would you know you have a tight valve untill it burns out.
  6. i need to check valve clearances on my 2007 i-ctdi 2.2 EX as i dont know when they last checked, anyone know what the correct clearances are? any help most welcome Baz
  7. with the engine running you can reset the clock but if you turn the engine off the clock returns to the last time, if going on a long journey i set mine before i set off as long as you dont turn the engine off it will be ok, also you can set it with key in 2 position when stationary but if you start the engine the time lapse is enough to put it back to square one. Honda uk know of the problem and are working on a fix but no date as yet.
  8. i got some front shockers for my CRV of Ebay and have had no problems at all.
  9. well documented on here if you read through the threads!
  10. not all models only certain generations as far as i'm aware mine is 3rd Gen
  11. we all have the same problem Honda USA/UK are aware, there is a thread on this already!
  12. i rang my local dealer name begining with V and asked to speak to worshop manager woman on switchboard asked what the problem was i said a clock issue oh she said we have two in already with that problem you will have to book it in and pay as they may have to take the unit out or the head off, but you could try disconnecting battery for 1hr i said that wont cure it i will ring back later and see if they have sorted the issue ( knowing full well myself what the issue was ) rang back later to speak to worshop manager telling her i know what the problem is? oh she said he is on dinner break i will get Jason to phone you back on your Number that was on tuesday you guessed it i'm still waiting so much for customer service i wont be using them again and they are 10min walk away.
  13. there are some units on Ebay but make sure all functions are supported, let me know how you get on>
  14. i'll have look and see what i can find will post when i do
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