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  1. not all models only certain generations as far as i'm aware mine is 3rd Gen
  2. we all have the same problem Honda USA/UK are aware, there is a thread on this already!
  3. i rang my local dealer name begining with V and asked to speak to worshop manager woman on switchboard asked what the problem was i said a clock issue oh she said we have two in already with that problem you will have to book it in and pay as they may have to take the unit out or the head off, but you could try disconnecting battery for 1hr i said that wont cure it i will ring back later and see if they have sorted the issue ( knowing full well myself what the issue was ) rang back later to speak to worshop manager telling her i know what the problem is? oh she said he is on dinner break i will get Jason to phone you back on your Number that was on tuesday you guessed it i'm still waiting so much for customer service i wont be using them again and they are 10min walk away.
  4. there are some units on Ebay but make sure all functions are supported, let me know how you get on>
  5. i'll have look and see what i can find will post when i do
  6. my 2007 2.2 ictdi also takes ages to warm up diesels always take longer to warm up than petrol, there is a lot of water to warm up with the size of the rad i think they are over cooled not had my CRV a year yet, if the top and bottom hoses feel roughly the same temp i dought its the Stat rather than spend money or Faf about this time of the year what i do with my other vehicle which is dare i say a Renault Espace 2.1 TD with 310,000 miles on the clock i put a piece of carboard between the electric fan and the rad covering the whole of the rad but leaving two holes cut out for the fans it soon warms up and i do the this every year before winter .
  7. even the radio will display time i always have my radio on and rely on the clock when out and about as i done wear a watch, it does my head now looking at the wrong time it needs to be sorted ASAP
  8. no its not that, the GPS time and date are correct been sent to the vehicle antenna but the software is not retaining it in the radio/satnav it returns to jan 1st by default i can set the time on my clock with ignition on Auxiliary or engine running and no probs at all but as soon as you turn ignition off and back on again the clock as a mind of its own, in the States Honda USA are aware of the problem and Maybe?? a fix by August 2022 but nothing from Honda UK as yet, as far as i know the software was windows CE done for Honda by a third party and Honda never saw this one coming, hope this helps.
  9. Helpline 03452008000 let me know how you get on
  10. its nothing to do with the GPS its a software issue i rang my honda dealer earlier to speak to the workshop manager but he was to busy i was told they have two cars in already with the same fault that they are messing about with, i was also told i would have to book my car in as they may have to take the radio out but why should i have to pay for that when its not my fault, i will ring them later and see if i can talk to worshop manager and see if they have come up with a solution, if not i will tell them why this problem accured. update. this is a world wide issue and do not pay for diagnostic! Honda know but possibly wont admit to it?
  11. Hi all, i noticed last night that the clock on my 2007 ictdi 2.2 series 3 started to have a mind of its own and as started to display differant times despite having reset everything its fine until the ignition is on or engine started strange that this as just come about as we go into 2022 may be related?? any idea's welcome.
  12. the Matrix will have to pipes inlet/outlet if you can feel the inlet when engine is hot then the outlet and they are not both the same temperature the Matrix is blocked and needs to be replaced or cleaned out as the pipes in the core block up and restrict the flow
  13. received letter from Honda saying my 2007 CRV 2.2 ICTDI to have airbags replaced they state they have written to me previously but i have never had any letter and only had the vehicle 8 months so booked appointment the AA are coming out to the work but not until 10th of Jan 2022 they must be busy, not sure which airbags or how long that will take. anyone had the same issue?
  14. i get Turbo whistle on my 07 2.2 i ctdi until it warms up then all ok and mine goes like a rocket.
  15. i have owned this car for 6 months now and at 143,170mls on the clock took it for MOT and it sailed through with no write ups at all i said to the guy who does my Mot's anything you suspect let me know he said you have a very good one there, so well pleased its a damned good car highly recommend anyone wanting to buy one.
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