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  1. i have owned this car for 6 months now and at 143,170mls on the clock took it for MOT and it sailed through with no write ups at all i said to the guy who does my Mot's anything you suspect let me know he said you have a very good one there, so well pleased its a damned good car highly recommend anyone wanting to buy one.
  2. no problem, the engine management light goes out as soon as engine starts just the PGMFI stays on
  3. first i tried what it says in the handbook, start engine turn off wait 30 seconds and repeat 3 times no effect PGMFI still stays on, next i tried the method you have described and tried it 4 times with no effect no codes etc showing at all PGMFI still on the vehicle seems to run ok so still scratching my head.
  4. would this method apply to a 2007 CRV ICDTI 2.2
  5. when a new relay is fitted does the PGMFI fault have to be cleared before the aircon will operate?
  6. but surely if there is enough power in the battery to start the car and then to restart it again i would have thought the battery should be ok as there is more power drawn from the battery to start the vehicle than is needed to operate other systems. just my thoughts.
  7. sorry dont have any pics but it was in daytona yellow with black bonnet and wing tops now we are talking 1972 ish 0- 60 6.2sec 132mph flat out on the standard engine balanced and blue printed re-jetted carb lowed and uprated suspension flattened rear springs bot could that thing corner or what when i worked for a lotus dealer before i bought the capri it was in the line up for sale a chap came in one day looking at the cars bragging about his E Type our boss said i've got something to beat that the guy laughed when he saw it so they lined up side by side on the lane the capri left him standing and was gone, will never forget that so i traded my Scimitar 3ltr GTE in and bought it, i could go on about another car i modified that left the plod standing lol
  8. the best car i have driven was my Broadspeed bullit 3lt Capri built by Ralph Broad wish i still had that it would be worth a few quid now.
  9. yes springs and shockers are combined, but have you any broken coil springs???
  10. something is discharging to earth running the battery down make sure you have everything turned off i had this problem a few years ago and thought the battery was suspect still the same problem after fitting a new one this was not on a Honda i traced it back through elimination and found it to be the rear wiper motor was seizing up and NOT parking properly WD40 did the trick
  11. what is the recommended oil for a 2007 i-ctdi i keep seeing 0-20 0-30 5-30 fully synthetic i can understand 0-20 0r 030 on a newish model but when a vehicle as done 140,000 miles plus i would have thought 5-30 would be a better option, advice welcome.
  12. its possible you could have two broken rear springs thats the first thing to check
  13. Baz

    heated seats

    dont really think water ingress getting to were the relays are situated!
  14. no never been used for towing 3 owners before me one was a lady and car was ex lease hire, heated seat fuse is not blown so thats ok, was not aware the seats only work when sat on but will check the circuits and make sure theres no problem there.
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