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  1. Surely though this IS a problem for Honda to rectify at no charge? It is their developers and their system which has caused this to happen. They cannot blame a GPS satellite for being the cause which shows the correct time when it downloads but then that correct time sent from the satellite is altered once it reaches their navigation/entertainment centre! PURE LOGIC. Come on Honda - Do you think we CR-V owners are all fools? Its more than enough to prevent anyone from buying one and I certainly won't if this is not rectified free of charge AND SOON!
  2. From what I have now read it appears that Honda are very well aware of the problem so perhaps we all should contact Honda and pester them until they get their assess into gear and resolve it FREE OF CHARGE because it is not our fault, but the fault of the operating system the Honda developers used for the system! In the meantime I have bought a small digital clock that sits in front of the dash display just under the centre. I have the display for the entertainment centre on audio or SatNav so the time cannot be seen.
  3. 2007 (gen 3) Honda CR-V EX 2.2 i-ctd-i 6 speed manual. The dash clock in the navigation/entertainment centre will not retain time after it is set and then the ignition is turned off, BUT it will keep the time if the ignition is not turned totally off even with the engine not running. If the ignition is kept on Aux, the run position or the engine is running it is fine. Is there a fuse or relay that controls this? I have disconnected the battery, waited 30 minutes then reconnected it, reset the radio code , the ECU then reinitialised the security system but it had no effect. 8 attempts so far and always the same result.....HELP please.
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