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  1. Baz

    heated seats

    dont really think water ingress getting to were the relays are situated!
  2. no never been used for towing 3 owners before me one was a lady and car was ex lease hire, heated seat fuse is not blown so thats ok, was not aware the seats only work when sat on but will check the circuits and make sure theres no problem there.
  3. Baz

    heated seats

    checked heated rear window fuse under bonnet thats ok and tried to get the relays out from under drivers seat, and what a game that is even with seat in its highest position with the relay loom uncliped holding the plastic clips in just cannot shift the relays think i may unbolt the seat and tip it back so i can get more room to shift the wretched things, its possible they are frozen in the sockets.
  4. Baz

    heated seats

    not checked rear screen or heated mirrors as yet i can understand one relay packing up but not all four i'll have a play and and see what i can find.
  5. just noticed both the heated seats are not working checked the fuse that is ok seems rather strange both are not working, anyone any ideas on this ? not checked the relays but would be rather odd that all four relays have given up the ghost.
  6. had a look at online its mostly series 2
  7. so i presume the manual covers the 2.2ctdi engine etc and does it cover removal of dashboard and interior etc is it a Haynes manual as they are not that good!
  8. sorry guys wrong section should be posted in CRV Club
  9. anyone know were to source a workshop manual paper version for a 2007 2.2 CRV EXI-CTDI
  10. cheers for the info Andy i do know from the MOT advisory that the N/S front and rear struts have just a bit of misting around them so will replace them at some point, also noticed the gear change is a bit lumpy and when changing from 5th to 4th sometimes hit 2nd gear also noticed the heated seats appear not to be working so must have a look and see why that is otherwise very happy with it the car has done 138,000 miles and was a lease hire vehicle and had some recalls according to paperwork, oh and had a knew clutch fitted not long before i bought it that was one of the reasons why i decided t
  11. new to this site, just bought a 2007 CRV 2.2 EXI-CTDI anyone have one and how do you rate them and any known issues, also what is the correct engine oil for this model i believe this model does Not have DSP. Regards all -
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