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  1. Thanks for posting the final results, good advice for people going forward👍👍
  2. Ive had the whole front bumper off to replace the aircon condenser before, its not a difficult job at all.
  3. See the diagram in the link below for part numbers, you should then be able to cross-reference with other models https://www.parts-honda.uk/honda-cars/FR-V/2005/20-SE-S/ELECTRICAL-EQUIPMENTS-EXHAUST-HEATER/WINDSHIELD-WASHER-1-/17SJD501/B__1500/3/20511
  4. Then its a case of sliding the protrusion from the top of the drawer into the opening between the two metal clips and then pushing the two hinge buckets on the drawer onto the cubby pivots (its an interference fit hinge assembly)
  5. The clip doesn't fix to the drawer, it fixes into the top of the cubby where it sits:
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