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  1. Welcome to honda owners club!
  2. Check auto trader, Ebay and gumtree.
  3. Ok so I had the air conditioning specialist over again and he has now confirmed to me that it's the condenser that is leaking and that's wht the ac doesn't work. He quoted me £250 to replace with 2 year warranty and £300 if the pipe is needed.
  4. b4u2


    @Trevor Unfortunately not
  5. bee through 2 accords , they were nice but reached a point that wanted a change. currently driving a 20 year old civic🙂 they were definitely built to last
  6. please let me know if you were able to figure out a suitable solution. you can pm me
  7. it is interesting as i see to have same issue on my civic that it locks into place very tightly and fast which causes discomfort and tightness worse case scenario breathing difficulties too
  8. I noticed that water is dripping from the bottom of my car underneath, is this from the air conditioning or is it something to worry about and get checked out?
  9. Hi, I've just noticed now steering is feeling stiff and heavy than usual, what's the issue and how much would it cost to fix?
  10. I can imagine but with Honda you are guaranteed genuine arts and a full warranty. Is it really necessary to do as car got such low mileage?
  11. It obviously has nothing to do with the relay as all the gas has leaked out but must be a very small leak as wasn't picked up by regular dye.
  12. Is it not likely to be the condenser or compressor?
  13. How much does it cost to replace?
  14. Don't think it was ever replaced but mileage is staggering low just 30k on clock
  15. @ToddBonzalez It's an automatic so no clutch.
  16. I've got a 51 reg 1.6 Lmk
  17. My car is a 51 reg very low mileage but belt hasn't been changed yet, is that a problem?
  18. The air conditioning doesn't work after being regassed. Got mechanic to check for leak but couldn't find anything and now I don't know what to do as need it fixed asap? My civic is a 51 reg auto
  19. Hey i have had my Honda accord for around 3 years now and funnily enough just found out by mechanic telling me that it has headlight washers, was so excited to see them working, have noticed it seems to only work when the screen wash is full in the car, does that make sense or should it be always working? Also realised only works when headlights are switched on.
  20. b4u2


    It was the bonnet sensor.
  21. b4u2


    Thank you. I have already checked and it's not that causing the problem.
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