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  1. Hi - you shouldn't need power to release the brakes. As it's an automatic and the battery is flat, the gearbox will likely be stuck in Park. The procedure for releasing it is - New: Emergency Park Release - 9AT When the engine cannot be started due to a dead battery, transmission failure or engine trouble, the 9AT transmission will be locked in park (P) and the vehicle cannot be moved. In the case of a dead battery, recharging the battery and restarting the engine will allow the gear position to be changed. When you need to move the vehicle immediately in an emergency or when
  2. If you check the index at the back under "bulb replacement" - thats where I found the comment above. Page 362 on my copy :-)
  3. Do you have a copy of the Owners Manual as it will detail in there how to access the bulb. Not sure if it's the same layout under the bonnet as yours but in a 2010 manual it states to gat access you have to "remove the fusebox from its stay by pulling out" If you dont have a manual, I'm sure you can download these from the Honda UK website.
  4. Could it also be that the rear diff oil is needing changed? I experienced something similar with a 2010 model. It was like a shuddering feel through the car. A relatively simple DIY job.
  5. Although both have the same 1.6 capacity, I think the 2wd is a 120hp (on an SR model - 115 CO2) and the 4wd is a 160hp so emmisions will be different. Also, the version with the 9 speed auto box (139 CO2) has higher emissions than the manual (133 CO2)
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