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  1. you've got to use original Honda DVDs. the drive is sensitive to copied / non-original discs and can damage the drive.
  2. sorry to jump on this guys, might be a silly question but....can i play movie dvds on this drive to display on the screen?
  3. Hi guys I joined over a year ago when i bought my 08 2.2 EX, it's been a dream and this is the first issue it's had. yesterday morning i started the engine and heard a horrible scratchy sound upon start-up. it dies down after a minute. the car runs perfect, still. i've had it diagnosed as a broken AC pulley, the one at the bottom of the engine. my question is this, when i replace the ac compressor, is it wise to also replace the serpentine / fan belt too. my belt seems fine but my mechanic advised to do it anyway. #accord #ac #pulley
  4. there's an aux in the centre console of the MK7 but it's the 12v type. i really could do with streaming my phone / audio to the infotainment centre too.
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