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  1. Hey Bristol, I used to soup up flathead Fords and Chevrolets, It was fairly simple, bore out the cylinders, stroke the crankshaft, Increase the cubic inches of the engine, install a camshaft to raise the lift and duration, relieve the pressure in the exhaust system, and increase the fuel intake, mill the head or heads to raise the compression ratio. Now I am at a loss, with the advent of computerized ignition. Rather to give You bad info, I would advise You to seek out a local speed shop. Remember, breathing in and out, compression ratio, and valve geometry, were the old way, however mess up t
  2. I did notice when I first bought the car, however my Wife noticed some scratchey sound on the hi notes, I noticed it also. This was when tuned to Sirus xm. So I tried it on FM and noticed the same issue. Anybody help ?
  3. Hi Guys, just signed up, Just purchased my second CR-V. I am a senior citizen, 86 years of age, I started My love affair with automobiles while in My teens, Worked in a Speed Shop, learned everything about "building hi performance engines", built Flat head Fords and Chevrolet engines. Could not build one now with all of the new innovations. Might be able to add a super or turbo charger, LOL, happy that I was accepted , and hope that I can add my input. Lil G !
  4. Hey Taz, sorry about not yelling back at You sooner,got tangled up with the holidays, better known as a 50 megaton "clusterfu** ". I am 86 years of age and have owned many,many cars, I will get a list when normalcy returns. Currently I am driving a 2020 CRV Touring, having traded a 2017 CRV touring , both of which I am delighted with. Ill get back with the list. Lil G
  5. Only thing I can think of is to call Honda.
  6. Just joined, traded my 2017 crv touring in. Loved the 17,just getting used to the 20,so far glad to be a forum member.
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