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  1. Hi, yes that`s the one ! Thanks for the info - I was seriously considering getting one but don`t think ill bother ! Just curious now, my disc is ver. 2.1 - my car is 2004/5 (54 plate but registered in January) how come it is nor ver. 2.04 or 2.05 ?? that would make more sense - does that mean my disc is 2001 - I don`t know how they are listed if the update disc is ver. 2.11 which is presumably 2011 - confusing ! Anyway thanks for your input - incidentally my car is in for its mot at 1.00 pm today, everything crossed ! should be ok not covered 1500 miles since last mot !!! Anywa
  2. Hi qc2, I have actually bought TWO head units complete AND a spare DVD nav unit with 6.2 ver. disc - yeah I know "over the top" but I thought - disassemble and clean the lazer of the spare - swap it, force download back to where I am now - I was tempted for £20 to buy the 2.11 ver. updated disc but worried it will burn the unit out ? Might be worth a try as I have the spare drive unit - I bought TWO head units in case one of them did not work ! with my luck they will both be duff 😀 - did not want to take everything apart so a better chance with TWO - just waiting for better weather now - I rea
  3. Hi, qc2 - thanks for your reply, seems like I will be leaving it as it is and using the TomTom - reason I was considering it in the first place is that my 6 stack cd has packed up - I have bought another head unit to swap it with so thought why not do it all at the same time whilst dash is in bits !! Gutted ! looks like I am going to have to look at fifteen + old maps whilst driving - I must admit I am not impressed with the customer support/backup that HONDA provide - or should I say DON`T provide ! Cars are great - backup non-existent ! Not my first HONDA ---- 1st was Honda Benley 125 c
  4. Hi all 2005 Mk7 2.4 auto exec. can I swap/change my version 2.XX DVD unit for a later 3.XX unit from a late 2007 Accord ? The physical size is the same as is the mounting - but the wiring/plugs are not ! the newer unit has more plugs - I am sure it can be done 🙂 (says me who does not have a clue) obviously the wiring would have to be altered (and I don`t need voice operated) but would any other parts need to be changed, the signal receiver for instance ! I could buy a 2.11 update disc from Honda for around £150 (which I feel is a scandal) that would only take it to 2011 at best, still wa
  5. make sure you get the correct size etc., L x W x H. and that the connectors are in the same position, in your case at the rear and + poss on left and - neg on right. size you get from your original battery - it`s the only 100 % way = like for like. Hope this helps Cheers
  6. Hi, car batteries are made by a battery manufacturer - then a retailer has them "badged" with whatever they want to call them ! I don`t know who the maker is but it will be a large company, just make sure it comes with a guarantee ! All batteries are made to a price but sometimes even the top batteries fail even if they cost double that of a "cheap" one, "you pays your money you takes your chance" sums it up really ! firms like Exide and Bosch and others make batteries for other companies also. Cheers
  7. Just checked - looks identical to mine (Honda battery was replaced) now on my 3rd battery, last 2 from Halfords ref. HB053. If my battery starts to play up after around 3 years I just replace it - its not worth being stuck for what it cost`s to replace it. Cheers
  8. Hi Major, I have 2005 accord tourer, I have the same - when I remove (Halfords) battery, the plastic surround is removed and re-fitted to replacement battery - both are then dropped back into battery tray and top holding bracket re-fitted - I presume yours is the same ! hope this helps. Cheers
  9. Hi all, Is it possible to replace a mark 7 (2005) sat-nav unit with version 2.xx disc with a mark 8 (2007 0n) unit with version 3.xx disc (just the dvd unit) as 2.xx discs can only be updated to 2.11 - which is still well out of date ! I don`t want to fit an aftermarket unit if possible - or is it just not possible ? the size and mounting seem identical BUT - is it really that simple ? Many thanks in advance for any replies. Jim
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