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  1. The drive you describe certainly suggests springs and dampers, also drop links and bushes - has the car always been that low since you have had it ? a previous owner could have been carrying overly heavy loads ! Mine rides a lot higher than yours and that is with loads of stuff in the boot + TWO 18 inch civic type r spare wheels and tyres (don`t ask) and drives very controlled - so I would certainly get it checked - it seems like something is not right - did it pass a recent MOT ? I would have thought that any problems would have been seen at that point - sorry, I have given more questions than answers but it is a process of elimination without seeing, inspecting or driving the car - Any decent mechanic should be capable of finding your problem and not necessarily Honda - Good luck !
  2. Hi, just be careful getting an OBD connected - I had that 3 weeks ago and the result is the VSA warning light is now showing on the dash !! No faults are showing with my system and if you go on youtube this seems to have been the case with a number of cars - the OBD connection can apparently trigger this ( sometimes also the ABS light also) so just a warning, don`t know what the answer is or if there is an alternative way to diagnose the problem, sorry I can`t be more help, hopefully someone on the forum can be of assistance.
  3. Follow up - the struts are not the problem - had AA round couple of weeks ago to replace/change the passenger airbag inflator unit (recall from Honda) showed the chap - he recons its a sensor somewhere - he opened it of the fob, it raised to top then beeped and then began to close again - he pushed the button on the tailgate itself as it began to close and the tailgate stopped and stayed there fully open - proving that the motor, wiring and struts are working as they should and pointing to a sensor somewhere as he said - problem is nobody seems to know - including Honda, which to be honest does not surprise me as all they want to do is either charge a fortune and tell you they don`t know and then try to sell you another car - NO faith in Honda and there dealerships ! ANY HELP or ideas welcome, apart from that the car is as near perfect as you can get !
  4. Hi see my post earlier ( to Sue I think ) on how to "force download" to restore an earlier disc - mine is 2005 version 2.1 but if it works on yours it saves paying out cash when you can do it yourself for nowt ! If you can`t find the earlier post - let me know and I will re-post it to you, its a bit fiddley but hey if it works !
  5. Hi, I have a MK V11 estate - on original springs and shocks and yes it is a LOT higher than yours at the back - maybe the springs or shocks are worn ? or has it had different parts fitted prior to you owning it ? Or have you had it since new ? But it sure is low - what is it like with a full load ? I would be concerned it might bottom out !!!! Every Accord I have seen is way higher than that at the back.
  6. Hi, have you tried "force download " on your nav ? it sometimes needs to be re-set if you have a problem !
  7. Hi, any ideas on how to remove the roof liner at the rear - I don`t want to sart pulling it apart without some idea as to how ! I don`t want to break anything -Any advice welcome, thanks
  8. Does it close ok with the button on the tailgate ?
  9. Hi, I have 54 plate Accord 2.4 auto exec Tourer - when cold the tailgate opens off the fob, gets to fully open then beeps and closes again ---- in warm weather it works perfect, both opening and closing - even off the button on the tailgate - this tells me the motor, wiring, switches etc., are all working fine - I am going to fit new hydraulic struts shortly but need some advice as to how to get to them ( they are hidden beneath the roof lining ) I don`t want to start pulling it apart without a bit of guidance - nothing on youtube re :- the Tourer, only the saloon. Any help or advice greatly appreciated - Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all, I am going to replace the hydraulic struts as I have been informed that this is most probably the cause - Can anyone advise how to remove the rear roof lining to get to the struts ? I have looked on youtube but can find nothing re :- the Tourer and I don`t want to just start taking it apart without getting some kind of idea ! Any help or advice would be really appreciated.
  11. update !! Still got the problem. Cold weather opens, beeps, then closes again. Warm weather opens as it should = perfect ! also closes off key or button as it should. Any advise out there please, its driving me potty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. just had same problem, Honda wanted £350 for the part - can get one through Amazon for around £25 but coming from China, I could not wait that long so bought one from eBay company in Wolverhampton £52 inc. post, HUGE difference !!!! local garage charged me £58 to fit including topping up with oil - Very disappointed with my local Honda dealership so I don`t use them anymore They skrewed up my auto gearbox 4 years ago - charged me over £500 for the privelage then cost a further £2004 for a specialist company to supply and fit recon box !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honda are rubbish extortionate prices !!!! Just my opinion.
  13. Hi See my reply to Susan A today - Sorry it`s a little late. Good luck
  14. Hi, try a "disc cleaner" inserted into unit, its possible the laser reader is dirty - run it a few times then put nav disc back in and try again AND/OR 1/ run the engine and don`t turn off ! 2/ insert nav disc 3/ press MENU + ZOOM (down arrow) together and hold for a few seconds till you get "disc error" on diplay 4/ on screen display select SYSTEM LINK 5/ select NEXT (opens CAR STATUS page) 6/ press NEXT (opens YAW RATE page) 7/ press NEXT (opens DIAGNOSIS MENU page) 8/ select UNIT CHECK 9/ select FORCE DOWNLOAD 10/ screen goes blank 11/ message appears - Please Wait. Now downloading software, then "please do not switch off engine" 12/ the progress bar will appear ( Green Bar) 13/ after a while the Honda Main Navigation Screen should re-appear 14/ message appears - The System Provides Route Information .... etc 15/ press OK 16/ on completion your download will operate and map, you may have to drive your car around for a short while, this allows the unit to "pick up" signal. That`s it - if this does not work, the laser unit (eye) could be faulty ! This worked on my car and occasionally I have to re-run the above (I think condensation can cause this also) I know it sounds a little long winded but like I said, it worked on my car - I also bought a version 2011 update disc, that is the latest disc that Honda made. Hope this helps, let me know how you go on.
  15. Hi, what message are you getting on the display ?
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