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  1. sweet!.. my mate has one and even though it's a squeeze to get in he really loves his Lotus Evora
  2. i hate car parks.. full of bl**dy idiots LOL
  3. hmm yeah I would like to see more on this, i heard about this on other forums but never had a look.. some even claim better performance after cleaning, i am skeptical :)
  4. I had these on my last civic. I loved them. They are slightly better then the PS2 tyres. Also very good wet traction. The main reason i bought these was the cost factor. If you can get better performance from a tire that costs less than a higher end tyre, made the decision for me. They will be my next set after my current set wear out.
  5. i agree with Steve.. also depends of type of pads. OEM pads should be 20K
  6. I have not had my Civic that long and planning to do a lot more. 17 inch white alloys Tanabe cat-back system Strut Brace 8k HID kit Kenwood MP3 CD player, quite cool with the USB slot for all me tunz :) What do you guys have?
  7. 2004typeR


    i am not really a book type of guy, i only read stuff that means a lot to me, so stuff like travel, adventure stories... romance, or thrillers do not rock my boat unfortunatly.
  8. Hi to everyone in the Honda Owners Club! I have a 2004 Civic Type-R with a few mods 17 inch alloys in white Tanabe Cat-back system 8k HID kit Strut Brace Looking forward to seeing other Type-R Owners. Also i know Honda Owners Club is new but if you are ever looking for someone to help in the club please let me know, i have a lot of Moderator experience :)
  9. I go every year to JAE, I have been going for years since the days of Billing and Peterborough and is still a popular Jap event. Not 100% sure if i can make it this year due to work commitments this year, trying to blag it off work
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