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  1. I think a bit of beat boxing would be in order to give it a real send off, maybe call it flat eric. La Francias
  2. Because it's always getting catty coming in ;)
  3. Guy, Karl pilkington would be hillarious, and female? got to be a porn star, hasn't it?
  4. The long awaited 9th generation Honda Civic is so close to cruising along the european roads that you can almost feel the earth move as bugs and rodents alike make way for its coming. It is a very big deal. Over 20-million Civics have been sold world wide making it a big bringer of finances, and because of the hugely reliable, rev happy editions in the past, the model has built up quite a fan base. Initial figures suggest however that there are still some issues in need of a good iron. There will be 3-engines available, a 1.4 and 1.8-litre petrol engines followed up by a 2.2 i-DTEC diesel engine. The world is hoping that there will be an influx of exciting sport models shortly after its introduction early next year. All models will come with a manual 6-speed gearbox, with the 1.8-litre petrol engine able to be paired to a 5-speed auto. As is the trend, there's a big focus on efficiency. The body has been designed in a wind tunnel to be as slippery as possible whilst ensuring high speed stability, reports mention that Honda used their Formula One experience to refine the Civic's aerodynamics. As well as a fish-slick bodykit, other clever features include start-stop technology, hill start assist and curiously something called Eco Assist. Despite overall consumption and CO2 improvements, dropping 29g/km over the outgoing model, the diesel Honda emits 110g/km, more than rivals in its class, notably the Astra EcoFlex 1.7 CDTI pushing 99g/km. But the lack in green credentials does result in some exciting performance. The spacious small hatch in diesel form has 148 bhp and churns out a tyre-blistering 350Nm torque, just 7 fewer than a Ferrari California. Its suspension has undergone some extensive modification too. The Civics torsion-beam suspension has been updated and various modifications to bushings and other smaller components have resulted in a smoother, more comfortable car...yet one which has improved handling and stability. Dropped 20mm and with a track increase of 10mm, the new Civic is expected to bring back some of the performance authority that its 200o relative demanded. Content sourced from @SkylerShah
  5. Cast your eyes upon the all-new 2012 Honda Insight. Ok, it looks almost the same but there are some very important changes making this Frankfurt Motor Show release something to get excited about - providing you like eco-driving and being very friendly to the environment. In principle it is the same 5-door hatchback as the outgoing model. It produces 96g/km some 5 fewer than the current model, and although no official figures have yet been released, the MPG figure is expected to rise above the 64.2 we've been getting used to. A number of methods have been employed in order to produce these squirrel friendly results. The CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) has been modified, and so have both the air conditioning systems and the engine - which is now said to run with lower internal friction. As with all cars pushing fewer than 100g/km, the Insight is exempt from the London Congestion Charge, however if you are extra conscious you may want to choose 15-inch alloys when buying one, as with 16-inch wheels it the Honda will emit 100g/km, which is exactly on the borderline of exempt. Cosmetically there are few alterations. The front lights have been tweaked slightly and probably most noticeably, the front grille has adopted the new Honda family face. Rectifying one of the flaws that hounded both the current Civic and Insight, the 2012 model also has a revised rear wing and a shrunken rear wiper motor to allow greater rear-view visibility. Inside, the fabric has been swapped and a new black imitation wood has been used to give the car an added air of quality. Happily rear headroom too has been improved, now 10mm taller thanks to a re-molding and angling of the seats. Though being 'green' and environmentally loveable is a trait many seek to manifest in themselves, enjoying the fact that the Insight is manufactured in a site where "zero production waste ends up in landfill"; it is yet to be seen whether they will appreciate the Eco Assist feature - a "coaching feature" telling the driver how to drive - will be a huge success Originally written by @SkylerShah
  6. Honda pushes money into hydrogen fuel cell development...with Ford business men standing close by www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-14983805
  7. I've been thinking about this for quite a while now, can we drink from the exhausts of hydrogen cars?
  8. Can't wait to see the next BTCC race, COME ON HONDA! Sheddon or Neal though, who can do it?
  9. Honda Motor Co. is changing its working hours at its Hamamatsu factory in central Japan for safety reasons. A bit better than Toyota closing 11 of its factories but still devastating. Typhoon is really taking its toll.
  10. I know, I mean, standard it's not exactly sexy...better than a few of the civics we brits get lumbered with mind, but maybe, I don't know. all high gloss black, grey alloys, aftermarket radiator (visible) and some nice induction kit and hoses.
  11. Anyone up to anything with their Hondas? Tuning, racing?
  12. Well, It could be that. I used to get that problem on my old fiat. check for any cracks or breaks in the seal, if there's anything, even hairline it'll get damp inside and the only way you'll get working is if every single time you fancy a drive, you whip out the old WD
  13. Haha ok ok, so what about JVC and JBL? I've heard they're not too bad
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