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  1. Ive just bought an sr i-vtec cvt ive not checked the gearbox but its all been done before i bought it , will have it looked at next nov
  2. Hi all Recieved my Honda civic 1.8 sr i-vtec cvt , absolute cracking motor smooth all the gadgets hopeing to have many yrs driveing with it in blue , should have come to honda yrs ago .
  3. Cheers mate Hope to have many yrs running the honda as they are generally bullet proof, like there bikes.
  4. Hi All I take ownership of a honda civic 1.8L SR i-VTEC on tuesday , after a 2 yr stint with an bmw not impressed as an ex MGRover fan and honda had a deal with them for the old rover 45 / civic shell , before that i owned and evo X / evo 7 jap import / evo X lol yes 3 evos lol , as a massive jap car enthusiast japs the only way , i bought the car off cazoo its on there in blue . regards The Lord Protector
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