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  1. I've been a member on a Lexus forum for many years and sadly this issue is one of the most common. It's a massive market and most criminals operate in threes, very often with weapons. The whole process only takes 90 seconds. Many owners are having "catlocs" fitted which will deter them as it greatly increases the time it takes to access the cat.
  2. Does this affect certain years? Mine is a 2015 CR-V and is ok.
  3. I think everyone would benefit from less time on Facebook!!
  4. About 9 months ago I parted with my JDM Toyota Celsior (2003 Lexus LS) and I really miss the lovely V8!
  5. Isn't technology great...until it isn't!
  6. Always good to have someone with knowledge!
  7. Is your 12v battery in top condition? It's surprising how many areas of a car can be affected by a poor battery.
  8. Maybe post the info re cost etc when its done, it may be useful info for someone?
  9. And just out of interest, what year is yours?
  10. What a great design! At least we learned something new. Maybe worth getting the EGR valve cleaned while its off?
  11. Looking at most videos with Hondas they do all seem to go at it from below.
  12. It certainly sounds like a duff thermostat. I've changed many thermostats over the years but as I'm new to Honda I'm not familiar with the location. It seems that Honda hide them lower down than most making them harder to get to. Would you be able to follow the radiator hoses to find its location? One of them will lead to it. In most cases it's the top one....
  13. How long does it take to warm the engine? I've got a 2.2 CR-V and it takes much longer to heat up than most cars that I've had. You should be able to feel if the thermostat is working by the difference in the main radiator hose temperatures. Generally the lower hose will heat up first, followed by the top hose when the thermostat begins to open.
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