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  1. They come on when doing a bit of cornering and breaking. Only way yo clear is to turn ignition off and back on. Any suggestions?
  2. Having done a few trips since the clock failed I realise the we actually have a new feature.... a trip computer that tells you how long you have been driving.
  3. I have the problem and spoke to my Honda dealer today. The service guy I spoke to has a CRV and has the problem himself. It is the satellite changed its time format on jan 2 and that caused it. He says if you look at the time at the gps (i don’t know how to do that) it is correct but it gets reset when it gets into the unit. He also mentioned that the USA were looking at August for a fix but the UK there is nothing yet. He suggested that it would not be fixed by Honda but there are some clever people out there who may do it. I would not be adverse to buying an OEM unit but would want one that swapped in easily. I had one on my mark 2 but it was all a bodge not a proper replacement. I would be interested if anyone finds a suitable replacement. I have looked on eBay and I am not impressed.
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