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  1. Have 2008 CR-V 2.2 cdti ex, similar clock problems with Mk3 nav unit. At first, noticed every time engine started clock would default to 1 p.m. and run OK until engine restart. I tried resetting clock one day at 2-45 p.m. and clock now defaults to that time at each engine start. So, whatever is happeninng, it picks the last time entered in the time setting as the default start time. I have seen all the posts from US owners on this issue that say it is a software issue relating to Y2K22 that erroneously resets the date to 2002 when it changed from 2021 to 2022. Honda (US?) say that should be corrected via the sat link to the vehicle by August 22. Not sure that is the same as my issue though since my unit does not display the year anyway, unless I'm missing where to check that. I think Mk2 nav units do have a calender.
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