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  1. I am currently using the Michelin XM2... To me it is a good investment lo... very comfortable, silent, long mileage... so far the best I feel as compared to the tires i have used for the past 10 years.
  2. I am using Michelin Primacy 3ST too. honestly at first it doesn't impress me that well, but after 1 months. i realize the tires performed well. Really efficient and quiet. Smooth while crossing bumper, will not skid in rainy road.
  3. Go for Michelin Latitude Tour HP! Im using it for my Audi Q5. you know i went to terrengganu from grik, the road were super tricky, lots of cornering, luckily i have this good tires on my car. drove efficiently and super stable. It has been almost 3 years. been using it for about 25000km already and still counting.. Really value for money yet quiet tyres. The tire wear rate is pretty even. http://www.michelin.com.my/Products-Services/Car-SUV-LT/passenger_car/size.html?summer=Primacy%203%20ST
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