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  1. need some advise from sifu here. fren has been asking if performance tires is more fuel saving than other types of tires ? read from newspaper, the tread pattern, rubber and inflation pressure somehow able to save more ptrol and prolong mileage.
  2. How to select a suitable and correct tires for you car ? Well, there are a lot of types of tires. Such a seasonal, performances, and mixing tires. They are all depending upon your driving habit. Choose according to your habit then you can save more petrol and time. Please remember, new tires have to put in front, for those who always travel on winding or mountain road, put it at rear axle.
  3. Yes Michelin Latitude Tour HP. This is the one I'm using for my SUV. Good one I can say. Never want to change to other brands after using it.. good grip, efficient and durable.
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