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  1. The typical radial tire consists of six main parts. (Inner Liner, Carcass Ply, Beads, Sidewall, Crown Plies (or belts), Tread) All of them play a part in the performance of tires. Tread pattern, provides traction and cornering grip for the tire and is designed to resist wear, abrasion and heat. Reinforcing agents in the rubber are used, such as carbon blacks and silica are mixed into the compounds to strengthen the tyre. Every tyre is designed to roll at a given pressure. It is dangerous to allow tire pressure to drop below the specification recommended on the vehicle placard. Low pressure increases the amount of tire wall movement resulting from cornering forces. Furthermore, the tire will absorb more of the irregular forces of normal driving. With this constant bending of the side wall as it absorbs the contours of the road, it heats up the tire wall to possibly dangerous temperatures. Additionally, this flexing degrades the steel wire reinforcement; this often leads to side wall blow-outs.
  2. Not professional but I think you should just ask those mechanic instead of waiting for our opinions here... I'm sure you wouldn't want to put your loved ones on danger, so better change your tyres asap. As usual, branded tyres will definitely last longer bro. It's a matter of live or death, so don't ever go for cheapskates tyres (:
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