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2015 CRV Parts, Help Needed!


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Hi All, 
New to the forum here, but am looking for a little help, just wondering who can tell me what's missing from the passenger side (behind the front bumper)
My CRV (2015 MkIV I-Dtec 1.6 SE-T) took a bit of a knock to the O/S and the pics below are a result of the damage, can anyone let me know what's missing as parts weren't with the car when I collected from towing company. 
Looks to be either a A/C Condenser or Turbo Intercooler but there appears to be something missing from in front of it. 

Image 1: this is the connection, with nothing to connect to.  


also, need to replace the frame holding the ?intercooler? anyone have any part numbers, that'd be great.. 
oh, and there seems to be a metal plate missing too, above engine cover, there is one on the driver side, anyone know if there should be one on the passenger side?

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