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I'm a proud owner of a 2005 2.4 Honda accord.

Really love this car, looking to do some performance modifications (not just bolt-ons)

Have experience working with cars but mostly with fabrication, body repair, and paint. Not clueless about the mechanical side but I'm certainly no expert!

Really looking forward to digging into this forum, getting useful info, and having some Honda buddies to chat to.

Cheers guys!

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Hey Bristol, I used to soup up flathead Fords and Chevrolets, It was fairly simple, bore out the cylinders, stroke the crankshaft, Increase the cubic inches of the engine, install a camshaft to raise the lift and duration, relieve the pressure in the exhaust system, and increase the fuel intake, mill the head or heads to raise the compression ratio. Now I am at a loss, with the advent of computerized ignition. Rather to give You bad info, I would advise You to seek out a local speed shop. Remember, breathing in and out, compression ratio, and valve geometry, were the old way, however mess up the computer settings could cause a lot of problems. Good lock,     LIL G.

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