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Model is a  CRV SE (2016) 2.0 petrol manual

This issue has just started - warning comes on after 4 or 5 mins driving
Before warning appears it does auto stop as expected
Disabling the AutoStart via button below handbrake removes message

Warning seems to indicate battery, but there are no other issues with battery starts fine, very quickly 

Battery is an EFB model, EuroCar parts showing a price of £399 !
Other suppliers show £110 AGM batteries as suitable when using Reg number to identify


399 is an expensive experiment to see if it fixes issue

Do you really need to use the EFB battery ? 
Any other suggestions please ?



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I would check that the battery is strong enough for Stop/Start to operate by running a deep discharge test...can also usually be done by checking how much the headlamps dim when turning engine over.

You could also check with your dealer or local Honda specialist to see if the battery voltage needs resetting on the car to recognise a full charge as if it has been discharged then the vehicle will log that as the stored voltage (BMW use this system for smart charge management)


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Thanks for the response.

After having this issue for about 4 days solid on every journey

It has now cleared itself and not shown up for last 2 days and counting 


Will see about getting those checks done



Still a massive difference in price between AGM and EFB battery types, interested to knwo if others have gone with the AGM type and found them OK ?

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