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Honda Jazz 2021

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Has anyone encountered the following on the new hybrid?


1) If the car isn't driven at least every other day the clock is slow by a specific number of minutes and doesn't correct itself until the car has been driven for at least 30 minutes.


2) The radio on/off button intermittently does not work. One day you press the button and the radio will turn off, next day it doesn't.


3) This message appears when car has just started in motion 'this function is not available when the car is in motion'. Looks as though it might relate to mobile phone, except my phone is not set up in the car and I haven't requested any functions!


Car has been with Honda dealer, but items 2 & 3 are still not right and I am waiting to see whether 1 is fixed (car has been used each day since so unclear). Any ideas, my gut feeling is the 3 things must be connected.





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