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Miles to go fuel calculator

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I just bought my first Accord a couple of weeks ago a 2013 2.2 diesel..Everything is fine on it apart from the miles to go fuel calculator..

I put £15 worth of diesel in before and it said 173 miles to go ..

I must have travelled about half a mile or a mile and the fuel calculator is saying iv gone 8?

Iv only been driving at 30 mph in rush hour but this fuel calculator is saying the miles are going really fast when I think there not?

Has anyone else had a similar problem please and if so how did they resolve it?

Thanks in advance!

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Yeah I’ve realised that they not very accurate +/- quite a bit you can’t really rely on them like it’s the gospel. They rely on driving style, roads, temperature, weight in vehicle & many other factor’s. See it as a rough guide even more when the car is older as they get even worse. I’d go as far as suggesting that you should go with the fuel gauge as that is much more accurate 

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