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Post 2010 Honda's questions about DPF's


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Really trying to get a feel if my car a diesel 2012 type S Accord estate (Tourer) Mk 8 is a bit of a strug or normal, reasons for my question are below but to save reading them .

But essentially as any body with a post say 2010 Honda diesel ever had the first stage DPF filter come on (the one without the exclamation mark)?

Also what sort of mpg are other Type S Accords getting?


Prompt for my questions are  the latest addition to my stable is a 2012 type S Accord estate (Tourer) Mk 8, Came back to an Accord having replaced my last 2008 EX version firstly by a Seat Leon Estate (nice car but discovered later been a works vehicle for a fishing place and it had been squeezed down too many tracks on its way to fishing ponds and what looked like marks were scratches so short of a full respray, next up was a BMW M sport estate, cashing in a pension pot to do the upgrade. Less said about that experience the better but I had a £450 Lancia Y10 that was more reliable.


After a long hunt for an S type, ringing up on a Friday to arrange to go on Saturday for it to be sold. I think 4 or 5 times finally a mid-week trek up to Hull to Marshalls Honda for a low mileage example. I know I paid over the odds at 11k but back to Honda with a modern version of a trusty old friend.


Not so as despite having essentially the same power plant, it’s been saddled with an emissions system that’s very restrictive, I had my first DPF garage forced regen last Febuary, 10 months later and I am lined up for my second. I know my usage is not great for a diesel 10-15minutes each way to work and down to the supermarket for the weekly shop, interspersed with traveling out to cycle events twice a week (why I need an estate), Covid  means it’s probably only 2K a year at the moment. However since my last regen I flushed and changed the oil, I already use Shell V-Power and I even forsake the CRX to go for a not quite so joy ride once a month to purely to try and satisfy the DPFs needs. I would have hoped that on at least on these rides it’s own regen would kick in if there was the start of a build up. That it did not or that once again the stage one regen warning light (the one you do yourself for free!) as never put in an appearance.

It’s also struggling to get above 30mpg  I know its got a bigger turbo than the old model, but a previous DC5 Type R Integra used to get 30+ regularly. I initially thought it may have been down to a previous lead footed owner but now I think it’s the emission system.


Honda say their diesels are only really suitable for folk doing 50k a year (I’m guessing in minimum trips of at 50 miles a time.


My options at the moment appear to be either walking to work, not enough for a Honda to work properly but at 45minutes each way and half an hour get up early 5.30am instead of 6.00am. Only using the estate to go shopping and hope that travelling to events is enough to offset the “damage” that going to the shops causes. So pretty much have two cars for weekend use only.

Or go rogue and have the DPF deleted and chipped.



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