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Vehicle specific or Universal Electrics?


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Hello All,


I have returned to the fold - after nearly 2.5 years of disappointing Volvo ownership (which - to be fair was bought as a stop-gap car after my previous CR-V was written off), I am now the proud and happy owner of a 2013 Diesel EX auto. It's early days but I am liking it very much so far.


I need to get a tow bar and associated electrics fitted; my question is whether there is an advantage in going the 'dedicated/Honda' electrics or whether the Universal electrics will suffice. I'm trying to understand if there are any electronic towing assistance aids - the manual doesn't really give any indication about this at all.





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I have just bought a 2016 CRV and have yet to get a towbar installed. I usually fit my own. I have fitted a few to other makes and I think fitting anything other than dedicated electrics is foolish. This is because you will not benefit from a trailer stability system, your rear high intensity fog lights and reverse lights will not be inhibited, your rear park sensors will see the towbar and hacking in to barely fit for purpose modern wiring looms is not my idea of quality work. Just my opinion.


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