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Tyre deflation warning


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I’m not sure if this is covered in another thread - forgive me if it has already been discussed. Has anyone else experienced the tyre deflation warning coming on even though there is nothing wrong with the tyre pressures? I have to initialise the system each and every journey.  It has got worse, too over the months and I doubted myself so I got the tyres checked - but they are fine.

 Is it possible to replace the sensor (wherever it is) or even disable the function altogether as it is not particularly useful even when working properly.


I drive an HR-V EX CVT ‘67 plate 


Thanks in anticipation,

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Check the tyre tread depth across each axle if these are substantially different this could be your problem. I have had this when I fitted a new tyre to one side only (full size spare) when I replaced the original when repaired the problem was resolved.

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