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Worth getting a Japanese import Honda Jazz?


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Hi all. Currently thinking about buying (our first) Honda. Moving from a Ford Focus, which was very enjoyable but in the end had some reliability issues. Hearing the stories of bulletproof reliability of Hondas so keen on one.


I've been looking around for an MK3 Jazz (not rushing - would probably buy some time early next year), with a CVT - ideally 2018 onwards (we do only about 2.5-3k miles a year so a relatively high mileage is not an issue as long as it is in good condition and well priced). We kept the Focus for 7.5 years (was three years old when we bought it) so would likely keep it for a relatively long time. 


In any case, looking at sites such as Autotrader one always gets adverts for "fresh" used Japanese imports (Honda Fit). These are relatively well priced and have the advantage of being hybrids. Been to and driven in Japan so fully aware that it is not the harshest environment for a car 😉


I know that insurance is likely to be more expensive, that one needs to check that the paperwork is complete and that the necessary modifications have been made (seen that there are some reputed Japanese Import specialist dealers, so would probably buy from one of those). I've read that imports may have issues with spares, although I'd imagine that it would be less of an issue with a car that is very similar to the UK version of the Jazz - but I might be wrong.


Is this worth considering or should I just save myself the hassle and stick to the UK version?

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